My expereince of yoga teachers training in Rishikesh

After more than a decade of regular practice of yoga, what’s keeping in the longing for improvements of the hope for ultimately unlocking the secret to what practicing yoga will yield.  If expecting a different result for doing the same things again and again is lunacy, then yoga has taught me to keep on going anyhow. The stress of working in the office has frustrated me, I want some relief from this chaotic life. I took a leave for few days and plan a rejuvenating tour to refresh my self, I decided to visit Rishikesh, the gateway to the land of lords, as I heard lot from my friends about this beautiful city. I planned to visit here on Thursday morning by my car.

On Thursday morning at 11 “o” clock I reached to my destination Rishikesh, I had never visited this city before and i was very excited and happy. Rishikesh is one of the most famous pilgrimage place in India, it has the perfect mixture of nature and lifestyle needed to learn & practice yoga, since thousands of years yoga and meditation are being practiced here. Popularly known as the “World Capital of Yoga” it is also well known for its beautiful location in the Himalayan valley, as this city is famous for yoga, I decided to expereince the practices of yoga, I searched for the best ashram or institution which teaches yoga and offer various facilities and services to the learners, as it has lot of ashrams and yoga teachers training schools where people can learn yoga for their own physical & spiritual development or to do professional cources of teacher training in Rishikesh.

I found many ashram, institution in the city that teaches yoga and offer various programs and cource of YTT In Rishikesh. Out of those I found spirit yoga foundation a best institution for learning and practicing yoga. I went to the organization and filled the registration form and get myself registered for learning different yoga cources. I was interested in learning 200 hrs teacher training program, it was about 4 weeks cource i was very excited to learn it, beside this the organization also provide the residential facility and offer healthy simple and pure vegetarian yogic food.

The cource included in this program was divided under two heads theoretical and practical.  In theory they teach about the foundations of yoga, pitanjali yoga sutras, basis of Ayurveda, lectures on meditation therapy etc and in practical they teach about the Hatha yoga, meditation, pranayama, stretching exercise, mudras etc. that was my first day when I started my cource I was quiet nervous & happy as this was my first experience of learning yoga. There were expert and professional teacher for teaching these cources. First day of my class was very exciting as it was held on the bank of the holy river Ganga. I learned various postures, asanas and several things about yoga in detail, and also learned about the teaching methods of yoga.

This was my awesome expereince of learning 200 hour yoga teacher training program, and also find relief from my chaotic life.  I learned and expereince various things & also enjoy my trip to Rishikesh, after completing my cource i return back to Dehradun, I found lot of change in me form this outstanding expereince of learning 200 hour yoga teachers training in Rishikesh.


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